Reddit closure

October 18, 2023

A few days ago, I deleted my Reddit account (u/schizoidnightmares) and subsequently will no longer be moderating or participating in r/SchizoidNightmares.

I did this voluntarily for personal reasons (even unrelated to the subreddit itself), completely unrelated to my creative projects and non-personal Internet activities. I do apologize for the utter lack of notice. While I cannot reveal the reasoning behind my decision, trust that it was ultimately necessary for me on a personal level — not related to anything involving Reddit as an organization. This will not affect the production of my work. I suspect Reddit will delete the subreddit in the near future, as it currently remains unmoderated.

Aside from me posting updates on my work, the subreddit did not serve any other purpose and was otherwise inactive. I may launch a forum elsewhere to facilitate public discussion regarding my creative projects in the near future.