The following terms are between me and the patrons of my Patreon ⧉.


I will do my best to answer questions from patrons in a timely fashion. However, I cannot promise exact response times. There may be circumstances where I cannot answer questions promptly. My answers may or may not be satisfactory. I may also choose not to answer questions, especially those of a personal nature or that demand early access to a work.


As an appreciation for financial support, I list patrons (both past and present) who consent to public recognition on my credits page and possibly elsewhere. Patrons desiring public recognition must provide me with the name they wish me to credit them under. Optionally, they may also provide the URL their name should link to and their displayed country of origin.

Names and URLs should not promote criminal activities, privacy invasion, malware, anti-social behaviour, gambling, payday loans, usury, multi-level marketing, get-rich-quick schemes, cheating in competitive games, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, affiliate marketing, lobbying, quackery, non-medical drug use (performance enhancers, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, etc.), self-harm, plagiarism, extreme obscenity, pornography, or sexual services.

I display patrons according to their rank, which I determine by their total financial contributions (or seniority in the rare instance of ties). Outside the credits page, I may only display the top few patrons (such as on the home page). While I do indicate rank, I do not publicly reveal how much individual patrons have financially contributed.

To keep track of patrons who consent to public recognition, I may store their information in my private records: Patreon username, display name, email address, total financial contributions, and duration of patronage. If a patron is no longer on Patreon and they desire to revoke their public recognition in the future, I can verify their identity through my private records. In such an event, once I remove their public recognition, I will delete their information from my private records.

Patrons should keep in mind that once they are publicly recognized, their public listing may be stored indefinitely in various public archiving services, of which I likely have no control.

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